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Hitachi Mini VRF Set Free Ʃ Air source Heat Pump HNRQ & HNSKQ

Hitachi Mini VRF Air source Heat Pump HNRQ & HNSKQ

Hitachi Mini VRF Air source Heat Pump HNRQ & HNSKQ

Design for tomorrow's urban spaces

Set Free mini outdoor units have a simple yet stylish design that does not mar the urban appearance. At the same time, since a powerful and compact unit runs multiple indoor units, it meets urban needs and the expectations of uners who are concerned about the appearance of their surroundings.

Hitachi Mini VRF Set Free HNRQ & HNSKQ series

Hitachi Cooling & Heating offers you a number of options that help enhance the aesthetics of your building 
- Fashionable outdoor and indoor unit apprearance
- Large capacity outdoor unit saves installation space

Higher performance
- Higher performance in both EER and COP
- Low standby power consumption design

Design flexibility
- Piping flexibility
- High external pressure of outdoor unit
- Wide indoor unit combination
- Small body with large capacity

Hitachi Mini VRF HNRQ series

EER up to 4.5
COP up to 4.59

Hitachi Mini VRF HNSKQ series

EER up to 4.0
COP up to 4.2



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